The 5 most replica wanted watches UK

This is a very personal subjective article, I write all the watches I want most. As a watch editor, have seen a wide range of watches, many of them many excellent work, but may not be due to the price is too high or temperament, are not absorbed into the heart. The following table, I met, after wearing a longing for a long time, I really want to receive the bag style.
Handsome! !

Breitling Navitimer replica 01 aviation chronograph watch

Although Breitling Navitimer 01 movement is also very good, but the most attractive to me or its appearance.

Navitimer 01 can be said Breitling masterpiece, the same as the dashboard dial design also implies Breitling and aviation deep roots, looks a lot of elements but will not be dazzling, there is a sense of sophistication of advanced precision instruments.
After seeing so many watches, I only remembered this 5 paragraph
Song Zhongji in the “descendants of the sun” is also wearing this watch, but after I look at it, oh.

Stainless steel case, black dial with red second hand, silver cumulative timer and exquisite three-dimensional or digital hour markers, bi-directional ratchet rotating bezel to ensure that the famous circular flight slide slider easy and smooth operation.

Case stainless steel case and red gold case optional, but I prefer steel, with the toughness of this watch more matching, cost-effective higher. Time scale with Arabic numerals and stick-shaped two options, individuals prefer the simple stick-shaped time scale, feeling the whole table with a more crisp and neat style to match.

Strap words, there are many choices, including black belt is my dish, pin buckle black calfskin is 65,900 yuan, folding buckle expensive 2000 yuan. Crocodile leather pin 69700, folding buckle more expensive 71,700 yuan.
In addition, Navitimer is also the official form for the World Association of Pilots (AOPA), the world’s largest airline industry association.

Suitable for the watch is not suitable, or to get started to try to see.