A Brief History of Flyback Chronograph replica watches

Since the beginning of the 20th century, the first “heavier air” aircraft from the ground that moment, the watch has become worthy of the pilot trust partner. To this end, the watchmaker developed a variety of functions to help the pilot to complete the task. In this one, the most practical is undoubtedly flyback (Flyback).

Breitling Jet Stunt Flight Performance Team
In 1932, Breitling’s invention (the second timing button) simplifies the process of time measurement. After the timer stops, if necessary, you can restart without zeroing. Although it is not an additional feature in itself, Breitling replica watches innovation does represent a significant improvement in ease of use. In fact, the next year many watch brands to produce their own dual-button chronograph, magnificent. As a pioneer in the aviation watch, Longines quickly see the broad prospects of this invention, and accordingly to its movement to make the appropriate adjustments. In 1936, Longines developed the famous 13ZN manual winding mechanical chronograph movement, that is, the history of the first equipped with flyback function watch movement. 13ZN movement from the 1910 launch of the 13.33Z movement modified from the latter much favored by the SPAD pilots welcome.

Alpina Alpiner 4 flyback chronograph

Blancpain 50  fly back chronograph
Air war
In 1936, the whole of Europe, especially Nazi Germany, accelerated the pace of militarization. This prompted the German watchmaker Hanhart in 1938 developed its first chronograph, the next year the brand once again launched a new version, the same rugged and efficient, and add flyback function. Exceptional, two timed buttons are not about the crown symmetry, one of them is still red. Another German watchmaker, Tutima, also to Hanhart movement to produce flyback chronograph. After the end of World War II, as part of the war reparations, Hanhart was confiscated to the French brand Vixa. Vixa missed Hanhart’s watchmaking machinery, but got the finished movement, and later the brand was used to equip the 1950s Type 20 chronograph. Like Hanhart and Tutima’s products, Vixa’s chronographs are easy to recognize, and the two timed buttons are not symmetrical about the chord crown.
At the time, many replica watches brands were competing for the French Air Force to supply manual winding flyback chronographs, Vixa was just one of them, Auricoste, Breguet and Dodane, as well as affiliated brands Chronofixe and Airain impressively. Each brand must comply with the specific regulations developed by the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces: 38 mm in diameter, 14 mm in thickness, with a rotating bezel (with scale), a rugged and chronograph, equipped with a flyback function. This means that by pressing the button, the timing pointer is instantaneously zeroed, rather than the normal stop, reset and start sequence.

Breguet Type 20 flyback chronograph

Po Chi Lai Ma Li Long fly back to chronograph
Military equipment
They were assigned to fighters and reconnaissance pilots – from Fouga Magister, Mirage, Breguet Atlantique and Breguet Deux-Ponts, to Super Etendard and Noratlas – through a series of tests that became an important part of the military equipment. These wristpieces are already hard to find, collectors think about them, and Breguet name has a special attraction. Breguet chronograph watch with stainless steel case, equipped with Valjoux 22 movement, equipped with easy to interrupt the timing of the needle on the winding shaft and more criticism. For this reason, many of the original gears in the Breguet Chronograph have been replaced by rework parts of external channels.
Dodane is probably the most productive manufacturer, and the brand produces two batches of 2,000 sturdy and efficient chronographs, as well as about 1,000 Type 21 chronographs. By the late 1950s, Dodane entered the heyday, in addition to its own manufacturing, but also responsible for all the French Air Force watch maintenance. Dodane’s own chronograph equipped with Valjoux 22 movement, and later launched the Type 21 chronograph by Valjoux 72C movement. Watch experts believe that in all the Type 20 chronograph, Auricoste application movement is the best. Auricoste produced more than 2000 pieces of Type 20 chronograph, the vast majority of chrome / nickel brass case + stainless steel table bottom cover (no screws), and another 200 for the steel configuration. These watches are equipped with Lémania 15TL (Auricoste 2040) movement, integrated Incabloc shock absorber and Breguet-style around the hairspring, convenient and efficient flyback function after 300 consecutive start and stop test, solid and reliable.

Chopard L.U.C Chrono One Flyback Flight Chronograph

Constance own movement flyback chronograph
Flyback function overview
Flyback is an extra chronograph function that eliminates the need to use the 2 o’clock position of the button to stop the chronograph pointer, just press the 4 o’clock position button to zero it. In that era, pilots wearing heavy sheepskin gloves, in a very pressure, non-insulated cockpit, with a few steps to operate chronograph is a considerable advantage. This simple and efficient mechanism through a cam pause time, while the pointer to zero, once the release button can be restarted. This means that the pilot can wait for the synchronization of the radio signal, restart the timing, so as to calculate the deviation from the ideal route to the minimum direction … so close to the enemy flight will have a great advantage. Visibility is poor, the pilot can also be based on accurate to the seconds of the heading instructions, the use of flyback function for instrument navigation.