How do you replace a battery in a Breitling replica watches?

I don’t know for sure but I’ve replaced a lot of batteries in other, inexpensive cheap replica watches.


This is a photo of the back of a Breitling watch I found on the internet.
Looks like you need a special wrench to open the back by unscrewing it. The wrench looks like a special tool – pentadecagon (15-sided) socket but the general principal of unscrewing a plate in the back is common to most men’s watches. Most mens watches use a series of notches to accept an adjustable spanner wrench like I own.

Yeah I see on the internet that special 15-sided backtools are available for Breitling watches, in a number of sizes… expensive suckers. Breitling Case Opening Dies for Case Backs with 15 Sides- Individual Sizes Runs about $100 for the tool and handle. I just decided I’m not owning a Breitling for that reason alone, though they are gorgeous watches.

Once you get the back off, I’m sure it takes a standard button cell in a standard size.

How do you repair Breitling replica watches?

You bring it to your local Authorized Dealer, who will be able help you. Don’t forget to bring your warranty card with you.

If it is outside warranty, it will become quite expensive, but do not try to repair a watch on your own! You would likely destroy it.

Who makes Breitling commercials, and who is their watch designer if there is one?

I don’t know who makes their commercials, but their print ads suck. They are so heavily photoshopped that it looks like a child did it. Airplanes are missing propeller blades, the lighting is distorted, there are elements smeared out. The next time you are the dentist or doctor’s office and have forgotten your cell phone, thumb through the Breitling ads and count the photoshop failures. It’s an amusing diversion.